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The Ultimate Parent Survival Guide

Building a Lasting Relationship With Your Teen

Parenting is one of the biggest joys in life—and also one of the biggest challenges! I’ve often heard it said that there should be an owner’s manual for each kid when he or she is born. Wouldn’t that make it a little easier? Unfortunately, we both know that doesn’t happen.

Each child who comes into your family is unique and so what works with one won’t necessarily work with another. And what works for a 5-year-old certainly isn’t going to work with a teen. Because I have worked with teens extensively and written two books specifically geared to them, I want to give you some survival tips that may help you get through these teen years and still come out alive—both you and your teen!

In this brief Survival Guide I share some key concepts and ideas that continue to surface with the teens I encounter through my research, keynote speeches, and focus groups. Some of them may seem impossible for you to imagine considering the state your relationship with your teen may be in right now, but I assure you that with patience and perseverance, they will work over time. How do I know this? Because much of it is what teens themselves tell me they want and need and because everything is based on sound, proven principles.

So give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.